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Kinda Patriotic If You Squint A Bit

Friday 05/29/2009 8:14 AM

When I first glanced through the developed Holga photos, I thought this one would be my favorite with its impressionistic coloured smoke. Now that I've worked my way through them, this isn't at the top of the list anymore, but it's still worth showing off. Dont'cha think?

I think this is the first photo I've ever posted where I like the thumbnail better than the whole photo.

I am posting this to my blog at 2:17 in the morning a day-and-a-half in advance of when it will appear. If everything goes according to plan I'll be leaving town sometime Friday afternoon to visit my dad in Deland, Florida. Weather permitting, I'm hoping to take the backway down along 27 and avoid the interstate. I'll bring my camera in case I see anything neat.

Back by Sunday at 5PM to pick up the dogs from the kennel.

File Under: Dad; Deland; Holga 120CFN; Just Plain Weird; Photography; Travel; Whoa; Wow
Music: Danger Mouse "Dark Night of the Soul"

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