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Baby Squirrel

Monday 08/30/2010 11:09 PM

Late in the afternoon one day last week, Argus and I were in the backyard. While he was playing his role of Argus of the Long Pee, I found a baby squirrel lying motionless on an old leave and twig covered foot mat. I touched him softly and he moved in response. The little guy wasn't gone yet.

I dragged Argus into the house before he could figure out what was going on, and then I ran to get Candy and my camera. When we got back out there I setup this quick shot before we scooped him up into a cardboard box with a dog towel.

We took him to a local vet that is a drop-off location for the St. Francis Wildlife Rescue. The girl at the vet explained to us that this time of year they see as many as ten baby squirrels in a day, some even smaller than our little guy who hadn't even opened his eyes yet. She put him in an incubator with four other little ones that had come in that day and she told us he should be just fine.

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Music: Tracy Chapman "New Beginning"

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