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Another Dead Animal Photo

Thursday 10/07/2010 1:04 PM

Sometime last week, Candy calls me to the back door, “Peter, come take a look at this gecko.”

I walk to the back of the house and sure enough, there's a nice-sized Mediterranean gecko warming himself on the Welcome mat at the bottom of the steps. I tell Candy I'm going to grab my camera before it moves.

Come back with my camera, open up the ultra-cool Manfrotto Modo Pocket (supposedly and believably the world's smallest tripod, details at your Link of the Day) that's always attached to it and take a shot of the gecko from above. The gecko doesn't move. I move down the steps to the far side of the foot mat and take another shot. Still no movement from the gecko.

I finally get close enough to where I'm able to put the camera in macro mode and get a great perspective shot of him, but he still doesn't move. Candy is watching all of this and I tell her, “I think he's dead.”

I reach down and pick him up by the tail. He's not stiff and there aren't any bugs on him, but looking closer I see a scuff on the low end of his spine just north of his tail. I tell Candy, who had been going back and forth through the back door for the last half hour or so, “I think you stepped on him, Sweetie.”

She was mortified. I tossed him in the bushes.

When I told this story to my friend Josh a couple nights ago, he suggested that maybe it was playing dead. If so, I know who the Oscar should go to next year.

Maybe I'll dig around in the bushes to see if I can find him.

Link of the Day: Modo by Manfrotto

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