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My Ongoing Love Letter to Prague

Thursday 02/03/2005 12:26 AM

Busy with work. Playing a little poker (won a mini tournament tonight!). Working on the early Chauncey stuff.

So in lieu of a more significant writing update, I'll post something that I suspect will evolve over time into my ongoing love letter to Prague. I'll talk more about Prague in detail later (I'm sleepy).

This picture was taken up at the castle (name escapes me — will look it up later). Candy was very patient as I setup the tripod and camera and then waited for the perfect shot (i.e. no tourists walking through frame).

And here's a little Czech bit. What is Czech for beer? Give up yet? It's pivo. I'm no beer drinker, but the first time heard that name, it put a big grin on my face and I decided at that moment that at some point in my life I must christen a dog Pivo. I have a vision of an affable, light brown short-haired friend with clean, white teeth. And Pivo loves to go for rides in the car or truck, preferrably out to the woods or the hills where he can romp around in spring-fed cricks and chase chipmunks and such.

Let me know if you ever find my Pivo.

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