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Prague Dog #2

Saturday 02/05/2005 3:25 AM

When I was walking the streets of Prague one morning with friend and client Robert Stephens, we ran into this dog. It appeared to be waiting outside a store as if its owner was inside shopping. Without thinking, I reached out my hand to pet it and Robert immediately chastised me, "Peter, you are wandering the street in a foreign land and you reach out to pet an unknown dog. That dog could have rabies and bite you."

Point, Robert.

Fortunately, I survived and even got a picture of the puppy.

Won a seat in a $50,000 poker tournament today. Busted out before I got in the money. Bummer.

I was supposed to prepare homemade marsala sauce tomorrow, but I decided to stay up and get it done tonight. I'm making filet marsala and I got the tenderloin from local restaurant and gourmet shop Clusters & Hops. If you click the link and scroll down the page to "Filet Mignon Tenderloin (4 ½ lb. average)", you'll see what a deal I got. The catch is that you have to buy it by the shank. I'll let you know how it turns out (looks great though!).

Had two different dreams of Chaunce this afternoon. In the first one, he and I were walking the firebreak down by the old baseball diamond. That long, empty, overgrown corridor cutting through the neighborhoods isn't there anymore — it's now the Blairstone Road extension. It was a lovely dream. In the second dream, Candy and I were in the kitchen and Chauncey wandered in like he always would and I remarked to Candy, "Now we get more time with him."

Miss the boy.

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