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A Rare Same Day Second Entry

Monday 03/07/2005 5:36 PM

So, of course, there is no real content here.

Just a heads up about the re-working of the blog pages today. I've made it easier to read old entries for those of you catching up on stuff you missed, new to the blog (hello there!) or just wanting to re-experience my witty post(s) of days past. Now instead of dumping everything to the screen, you can go back in time week-by-week.

You can also view all weeks since I started.

One minor change to the current blog page. Instead of showing the five most recent posts, it will now show all posts for the current week, whether there is one or a hundred (if there are ever 100 posts by me in a single week, schedule an intervention ASAP).

Oh, I also added Next Entry and Previous Entry links to the bottom of the permalink versions of all posts. This will make it easier to go through all the entries sequentially.

Outta here.

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