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Coltrane Insane

Monday 03/07/2005 12:31 AM

Discovered more Coltrane in my collection this afternoon. In addition to My Favorite Things, I actually own Giant Steps (referenced in yesterday's post).

Wonders never cease.

And to think this whole thing was started by R-rated horror/thriller/action movie about a guy tring to buy his way into heaven by exorcising demons and giving Satan the finger.

Speaking of the flick... in that scene now familiar to you loyal readers where Keanu drops the needle on the record and that fabulous Dave Brubeck song starts... CONTINUITY ERROR. Yeah, I'm nitpicking here, but we see the needle starting at the beginning of the record, but "Take Five" was actually the third track on that side, not the first.


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Music: John Coltrane "Giant Steps"

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