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Nothin' But Tape

Wednesday 11/16/2005 12:20 AM

Look around your house, your kitchen, your car. Every little something that you got was made by someone at some company somewhere. How many different people contributed even the smallest bit of energy, money and/or attention to make sure that doo-dad is the best doo-dad it can be? Countless, no doubt.

Years ago, I enjoyed the privilege to work with a company called Marble Medical, Inc., here in Tallahassee. At the time, the husband of the owner of DOCS was running MarbleMed, so I enjoyed the wonderful experience of one opportunity leading to another.

So does MarbleMed make medical tape? Nope.

Do they sell medical tape to the public like a drugstore or to supermarkets for their customers? Nope.

By virtue of their granted title of 3M Preferred Tape Converter, MarbleMed enjoys a special relationship with 3M that allows MarbleMed to purchase raw medical tape stock at volumes and prices that a typical company can not. They also get that medical tape shipped faster direct to their warehouse.

So what do they do with all that tape? My typical example is, say Kimberly-Clark needs 100,000 appendectomy kits. You may not realize this, but whenever an appendectomy is performed, a special set of dressings are required to prepare and protect your body for the procedure.

So Kimberly-Clark contacts MarbleMed and the friendly folks at MarbleMed start warming up the big, heavy machines in the clean room. They review the specifications for the kit in question and pull out all the right medical tape (width, diameter, coating, adhesive strength, etc.) to create the perfect appendectomy kit.

Couple days later and 100,000 appendectomy kits are rolling out of the warehouse, headed for some gargantuan sterilization plant that will zap all the kits while they still sit in the truck.

Pretty cool, eh?

You can learn a lot more about MarbleMed by visiting their web site that I created for them.

Anyway, so last year we tried to do some product shots for the new (at that time) web site. The pictures were pretty much a bust, but there were a couple that I like a lot. Your Image of the Day is one of them.

P.S. In the picture from Monday you could originally see a thermostat on the far wall, reflected in the mirror. It was bugging me, so I asked my good friend Photoshop to remove it for me.

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