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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program To Bring You This Important Bulletin

Thursday 11/17/2005 1:58 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Candy is having spinal surgery tomorrow.

She's been having trouble with her neck for a while. She's seen her regular doctor, had x-rays, visited a neurologist for testing, got an MRI and finally this week got in to see a neurosurgeon. After reviewing her records and seeing her in person, he basically had two words for her: Surgery. Friday.

Before she saw Dr. Cuffe (the neurosurgeon), she had been told she had a bulging disc, but he said, no, it's a herniated disc. There are non-surgical alternatives, but they take a long time to work (4-6 years by some accounts), don't have a good success record and won't do much (if anything) for her pain in the short term. For those medheads in the house, the disc in question is in the C7 (cervical, i.e. throat/neck) and T1 (thorasic, i.e. chest/back) area.

Barring any complications, she should be pain free tomorrow night — not counting her discomfort from the stitched up throat incisions. That's right... for whatever reason, they are going through the front instead of the back to work on her spine. Go figure, huh? As a result, she will probably be hoarse after the surgery and may not be able to speak at all, but if so, it should be a temporary condition.

So now we're rushing to get everything ready for tomorrow. Candy will be in the TMH Neuroscience Center and will stay overnight. If everything goes well, she will be discharged sometime Saturday. The Penn State at Michigan State game starts at 4PM, so she'll be fit to be tied if she misses the kickoff (you can tell she's got her priorities in line — don't keep her from her JoePa).

When she gets out on Saturday, she'll have a neckbrace 24/7 for the next two weeks. No driving, no lifting, no nothing and absolutely no work. Her permitted movements will be limited to sitting, lying (if she can) and walking.

Candy had her pre-op this morning and now she's at work trying to wrap things up before tomorrow. While she's doing that, I'm about to go run some errands and take the boys to the Lake Bottom for Argus' innaugural run now that his 6 weeks of doctor mandated calmness have come to an end.

I'll keep you updated on Candy's progress with a post either Friday night or sometime Saturday. In the meantime, keep her in your prayers.

If I get a free moment, I might write a little bit about my experience visiting a new bar with some friends last night.

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