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The Worst Son in the World

Sunday 11/27/2005 10:11 PM

No, not the guy in the picture. I'm talking about his only grandson.

Well, my mom's birthday was yesterday and I was too lazy being all incommunicado and everything to post anything to my blog about it, let alone call her. That's right... I didn't call my mother on her birthday.

I hear they've already called in the engineers to start working on a new circle of hell for the likes of me (or was that just for me? I don't recall).

Today's image is of my mother's father and it was taken a long time ago. I've always loved this photo because it suggests to me that the cantakerous old man who didn't speak to me for years had another side of himself that would have gotten along with me pretty well.

My sad story is that early on, when I was a child, I was batting O for 3 with respect to healthy male relationships. To those that know me, it's no secret that my father and both my grandfathers had trouble relating to me. I have a handful of theories as to why, but that's not important anymore. Fortunately, I found my own way up that mountain, but I still like wonder about the different paths I could have wandered with their help.

Enough about that for now. Happy Belated Birthday, Mom! And when you get a chance, please send me the details on the photo. Who took it? And what year? Thanks! I love you a lot!

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