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Quick Post (and the 3 Speed Dog)

Wednesday 11/30/2005 9:51 PM

First, today's image was supposed to be the Friday shot from a week or two ago. I always loved this photo — hope you like it too. Sorry for the delay.

Second, Candy got her neckbrace off today. She is stiff and has limited range of motion, but is pleased to be able to sleep like a normal person again this evening. I predict a sore neck for her in the morning, though. The neurosurgeon says the titanium plate in her neck won't set off airport metal detectors.

Third, we took Argus to The Greenway a few days ago for the first time. Since it was the weekend, we took him down to the far end where there weren't as many people. When we went back to the car, he managed to sneak his way out onto Miccosukee Road — very not cool. We took him back today and watched him like a hawk. When we were on the far side of the field and Candy was resting on a bench, Argus and I chased each other around the green. When we returned to her, I announced my discovery that Argus has only three speeds: walk, trot and bolt.

Tired. Later.

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