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One Part Candy, Two Parts Argus

Thursday 12/01/2005 2:22 PM

Forgot to explain Candy's hierarchy of priotities yesterday. Once we got home from the doctor sans neckbrace, the first person she called was her boss to tell her she was coming back to work part-time starting Monday. The second person she called was Vicki to make a hair appointment.

So, since we were in the neighborhood, after her hair appointment this morning, we took Argus in for his 30 day heartworm checkup. He is still ever so slightly positive, but Dr. Guhrt isn't worried about it. We're starting him on HeartGard today.

I mentioned to Doc that we saw the first sign of Argus' bad right hip when he was scratching his ear a couple days ago and cried out a little. Because he was using his right leg, I figured his hip was complaining about the scratching motion. Dr. Guhrt thought otherwise and grabbed a scope to look in his ear and, sure enough, Argus has an ear infection. A bad one. I had checked his ear (no scope though) and when it looked clean, had no signs of red or pink and smelled OK, I figured it was fine. Then again, I'm no vet. So they mixed up a couple bottles of special medicine (silvadene cream 50 gr w. Baytril 100 mg) for his ear and we need to go back in ten days for a follow-up.

We still haven't found his tags that he lost a few weeks ago, so today we got a replacement rabies tag. We stopped by PetSmart to get him a new ID tag, but their machine has been updated with a special blue holiday-themed (snowman) tag instead of the round silver one I got him before. So later I'll search online to find a good ID tag for him. Maybe I'll order 2 or 3 in case he manages to lose it again.

Work calls — gotta go.

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