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Waiting Impatiently

Tuesday 12/13/2005 2:40 PM

I am trapped in my house and I can't escape! The reason for my sentence is simple: My New Digital Camera Comes Today And I Am Waiting Ever So Impatiently For FedEx To Arrive!

Check the tracking number and you'll see it's On FedEx vehicle for delivery.

ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I want it. I want it. I want it. Now!

Your image of the day is of one of the many embroidered gifts we've received from the lovely Marie over the years.

Just realized I haven't given you any updates on Candy's health. She went back to work last week half-time, but by Wednesday nite she was pooped and stayed home Thursday and Friday. She tried again yesterday and so far, so good. She's getting her strength back and increasing her range of motion in her neck a little more every day.

She's hoping to go back full-time starting Monday. So we'll see.

And as a final note. Candy's youngest brother, Matthew, would have been 30 years old today.

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Music: Kate Bush "Aerial"

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