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Been Busy

Sunday 03/05/2006 11:44 PM

I've been busy, and I don't just mean with SLC stuff. Yesterday, as I was preparing to post the picture you see for this entry, my laptop got infected viruses and such consisting of spyware, adware and assorted malware. I've been working with it off and on since then to get it clean. It's all better now, thanks in no small part to Spyware Doctor.

So let's catch up.

Went to Park City up in the mountains yesterday. Loved it. Took a bunch of pictures that will be appearing here soon. Candy has been having some stomach problems, so our fancy-schmancy dinner at Wahso ended up costing half as much since she only drank tea.

Had my first massage today. It was great. Found only the third masseuse in my life who can work my SCM's in my neck. Hot stones are tomorrow.

Crash won the Best Picture Oscar. You may or may not remember what I wrote about it back in October.

Walk the Line picked up an Oscar for Best Actress, but it would have been nice if Reese Witherspoon said a little something about Johnny and June instead of going on and on about how the characters were written. And, no, her "trying to matter" comment wasn't enough. You know, Reese, they were real people.

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