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So What's All That White Stuff Floating Through the Air?

Monday 03/06/2006 2:29 AM

Late Friday night. Candy is asleep. I'm playing a little bit of poker on the laptop (made $6 in about ten minutes and called it a nite). I look out the window, across the balcony, and discover I can't see the city lights anymore.

I get up from the desk and walk to the plate glass to get a better look. My first thought is fog, then rain, but then I look closer. It is the slowest rain I've ever seen, drifting through the air and headed for the ground like little bits of dandelion spewing from a flower, launched by a child's breath.


Oh. My. God. We would be driving in this the next day (Saturday, now yesterday, err.. the day before) when we went up to Park City. Fortunately, when we got up in the morning, the snow was only on the tops of the buildings and where the grass used to be. Though the roads were clear, Monica at Enterprise Car Rental warned me, "When we get some snow in the city, that means they got pounded up in the mountains." Right where we were headed. Great.

As it turned out, we never drove on snow on our way to Park City, while we were there or anytime during the way back.

Our leisurely trip to higher elevation (related t-shirt we saw in Park City: EVERYONE IN THIS TOWN IS HIGH (Elevation 7,000 Feet)) took us through beautiful mountains that looked like backdrops for Beverly Doolittle paintings — red rocks and snow.

The directions from the hotel were great (but not so good for the return trip — they'll help you get there, but you're on own to find your way back) and soon enough, we were walking to the top of Main Street to begin our tour. My prediction at the time was, "Probably a lot of these shops are just going to be the same thing over and over: Tourist trap crap."

Little did I know both how right and wrong those words would turn out to be.

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