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The Chaise of Caesar

Wednesday 03/15/2006 8:26 AM

I'm sure a lot of you might think this is incredibly tacky, but I gotta tell ya... it was a sight to behold. Leather from Spain. Hides from Mexico. Hand crafted by an artisan from Texas. For the small, small price of $4,750.

If I was loaded, I would have bought it on the spot.

After seeing this awesome chaise lounge, unlike any other chaise lounge ever, I decided I had to get a picture. Even though there were no signs in this store saying I couldn't take pictures, I had learned the hard way in a few other stores that shopkeepers weren't crazy about people taking pictures. So I got Candy to distract the clerks at the counter while I surreptitiously snapped a photo (time for a quiet prayer for the silent snapping capabilities of my digital camera). Afterwards, I chatted with one of the clerks and she told me all about the chaise. I asked her if I could take a picture (with one already in the can) and she said, "Sure!" So I was able to get a much better shot lined up.

More to come. Our day at Park City has hardly even began.

Requisite Ides of March quote:

“Et tu, Brute?”

— Julias Caesar, as he lay dying, after being stabbed by his closest friend

Also, H.P. Lovecraft died on this day back in 1937. He would have been 115 today, so it's probably just as well that he's not here to blow out the candles.

I think it was Stephen King who said that almost all modern horror can be traced back to one of two people. The first is Edgar Allen Poe. The other is Lovecraft.

I'd love to give you a link to good Lovecraft story, but it's all still copyrighted and therefore not online.

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