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The Eating Establishment

Wednesday 03/15/2006 2:09 PM

Lunch in Park City was at The Eating Establishment. It was very diner-like, but with specials like Smoked Salmon Omelettes and Curry Seafood Pasta, it looked like it had some promise.

It was the latter of those specials that I finally settled on, and you'll see it clearly in your image of the day. But as good as it was (subtle hints of flavor in the curry cream sauce — nothing spicy or remotely Indian here), it was the bread that made the meal.

O. M. G.

The waitress told us it is called beer bread and is "remarkably simple" to make, but as far as I was concerned this dense, cake-like (blame the altitude I guess) bread was smuggled out from under the eyes of gods, from Mt. Olympus itself. Manna, indeed.

And the best part of the story? I have an entire loaf of the coveted beer bread sitting in my refrigerator. Right now. At this very moment. Longing to be sliced and butter spread upon it.

In due time, gentle, precious, succulent carbohydrate. All in due time.

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