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Unexpected Park City Wildlife

Thursday 03/16/2006 12:40 AM

Bob, if u're out there
Let me see u dance
U said u were funky, c'mon

B-O-B, spell [it] backwards, what'd it say?
Same [damn thing]

— Prince, "Bob George", The Black Album

If you know the song, you know I'm taking quite a few liberties there in order to keep to the family-friendliness of this blog.

Bob is one of several feathered mascots at a place on Main Street in Park City, Utah, where you go to get ski passes. We weren't skiing, so Bob was the highlight of our visit to this particular place of business. Bob wasn't really in the mood to chat, but he was fascinated by the shiny buttons and trim on my digital camera. Everytime I tried to get a good macro picture, he'd waddle his way across his perch toward before I could get the shot off. Eventually, though, I got it.

Getting back to the family friendliness of the blog. We're gonna push the envelope pretty soon. I'm going to specifically define where that line is — as I see it at least.

I'll give you a hint: Don't say the B word!

Don't you dare.

Oh, and don't forget today is St. Urho's Day. If you are totally confused, be sure to click that link to my 2005 blog entry all about St. Urho's Day and the vast Hibernian conspiracy.

Ode to St. Urho
By Gene McCavic
Written in Finnish dialect.
(Original located at the Iron World Museum, Chisholm, Minnesota)

Ooksie kooksie coolama vee
Santia Urho is ta poy for me!
He sase out ta hoppers as pig as birds
Neffer peefor haff I hurd does words!
He reely told dose pugs of kreen
Braaffest finn I effer seen!
Some celebrate for St. Pat unt hiss nakes
Putt Urho poyka kot what it takes.
He got tall and trong from feelia sour
Unt ate culla moyakka effery hour.
Tat's why day guy could sase does peetles
What crew as thick as chack bine needles.
So lets give a cheer in hower pest way
On this 16th of March, St. Urho's Tay!

File Under: Bird(s); Holiday; Lyrics; Park City; Travel
Music: Prince "The Black Album"

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