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Tuesday 04/11/2006 2:27 PM

Do you watch Lost? Yeah, I've talked about it before, but I gotta write a little bit more.

So what do you think is going on with the man formerly known as Henry Gale? Is he just another cog in the machine that is the island? Or are you thinking like me that maybe he is a bit more important than he lets on? Either way, I can't wait for tomorrow night's episode. Your image of the day is from the preview for the next episode (titled "SOS") and it shows you what I believe is pretty much the face of evil.

For those of you that haven't seen Lost, I'd love to know what your first thought was when saw today's picture.

My dad leaves tomorrow. We've had a good time. I'm hoping to shoot his portrait this evening.

More later.

Oh, have you heard about the Gospel of Judas? It is your Link of the Day and I believe this is what theologians call a BIG DEAL.

Link of the Day: Gospel of Judas

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