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My Dad

Tuesday 04/11/2006 10:31 PM

Check out this classic image I got of my dad this evening (just a few minutes ago, actually).

I set up everything in the living room: chair, backdrop, the right lightbulbs, camera and tripod. Then we spent about ten minutes with me adjusting the lights, taking test shots, etc.

When we reached a stopping point, I rushed the SD card into my office and downloaded all the shots to my computer and started going through them. I couldn't wait and once the first one loaded, I opened it in Photoshop and started playing with it. The result is your image of the day (I guess, technically, your second image of the day since this is one of those rare multi-post days).

I love the shadow play and that I converted it to black and white. The image is a little noisy, but I'll take it.

Thanks for being my model tonite, Dad. I'll treasure these pictures forever.

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