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Hello? Is This Thing Working?

Thursday 05/18/2006 4:43 PM

Yeah, I suck. I'm sure you've all gone away (both of you).

Work busy. No inspiration. And my dad came back (he leaves Saturday).

Remember the loveseat I bought with poker money for 40% off at World Market? During the same coupon period, I bought a matching recliner. It was back-ordered and finally came in a couple weeks ago. Your Link of the Day will get you to the speeds and feeds on my new recliner.

World Market has a new coupon, but now they won't let you use it for furniture. Seems some people used that last one for hi-end, high priced furniture and did some damage.

Go figure.

Link of the Day: Bruno Leather Recliner

File Under: Dad; Furniture; Poker
Music: Arctic Monkeys "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not "

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