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Doesn't Get Much Stranger Than This

Friday 08/18/2006 10:40 AM

Almost two weeks ago, we flew into Erie, Pennsylvania, so we could visit Grandma in the Chautauqua/Jamestown, New York, area before heading south to "The Valley" in rural PA so I could spend the week with Bobby.

Not much to report about the NY time, because I was violently ill for those couple of days and didn't have my first real meal (that I could keep down) until we hit the road on Monday.

Along some backroad on our way through Pennsyltucky, we passed one of the most bizarre signs I've ever seen. It is, of course, your image of the day. It appears to be an old roadside cigarette billboard that someone took a couple cans of paint and a heap of inbred creativity to.

I made Bobby double-back in his pap's truck so I could get a good shot of the SLOWERS sign. Between passing vehicles, when the road was quiet and the forest was still, I could almost make out the sound of a poorly strummed banjo way off in the woods.

File Under: Bobby, Nephew; Grandma; Just Plain Weird; Pennsylvania; Travel
Music: Nine Horses "Snow Borne Sorrow"

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