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Getting It Backwards

Friday 07/27/2007 5:13 AM

A typical conversation:

“Alex, do you want to go with me to the park with Argus and Sheriff?”

A momentary pause, and then, “Uncle Peter! You're not saying it right!”

I look at The Little Guy wondering what the hell he's talking about this time. “What do you mean, Little Buddy?”

A gutteral sound comes from his prepubescent throat — a growl more fitting for a small beast than a small human — and then he explains to me for the umpteenth million time, “It's Sheriff and Argus. Not Argus and Sheriff. You keep getting it backwards.”

“OK, thanks for the update, Alex.”

“Sheesh!” he says. “It's like you're not even talking about the same dogs.”

Your image is one that I sent to Alex via e-mail about a year-and-a-half ago asking him if he could figure out which was Argus, which was Sheriff, and which was me.

Mind you, I look nothing like that now. But that's another story.

Check back Sunday for High Drama.

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