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And the Quarterback Is Down

Wednesday 08/15/2007 5:52 PM

OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but after having gone a whole month with Alex and not having any injuries, trauma or broken bones, we ended up rushing him to the dentist this afternoon.

Shannon got back late last night and we were up 'til 3AM talking and goofing off. Early this afternoon we finally made it to Village Inn for breakfast (which is conveniently served 'round the clock). Halfway through his second chocolate chip pancake, Alex bit down on his fork and chipped one of his lower front teeth. Fortunately, my dentist was right around the corner from us, so we waited until the office opened up again after lunch at 2PM. They worked him in and, after a minor repair job (sorry, no extractions or dentures), we were out the door with a happy boy. I offered to go flag down a cement truck for the fill-in job on his toothie, but Alex thought that Dr. Hartley's stuff would work better. We also considered having them file down his teeth to look like Count Dracula, but decided that would make his lip bites pretty vicious.

Incidentally, when Shannon was on her plane at JFK yesterday, waiting to depart to Atlanta, she saw a bag out on the runway that looked suspiciously like one of her checked pieces of luggage. Wouldn't you know, but when she gets to Tallahassee, said bag is nowhere to be found. We love happy endings, though, and according to the Delta baggage web site (yes, they have a part of their web site solely dedicated to missing suitcases, duffel bags and such) her bag has now arrived in Tallahassee.

Happy Birthday to Alexandra, the lovely daughter of my good friend Mark. She is two years young today.

Link of the Day: Delta Delayed Baggage Status

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