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Saturday 09/22/2007 3:30 PM

Ten plus hours of air seat traveling later and we are here.

It's four hours difference here so keep that in mind if you wanna give me a ring.

Spent time with sister-in-law/brother-in-law Jody and Mike and their kids last night. We ate at the upscale restaurant in the hotel and enjoyed a wonderful meal with fantastic wait staff. I had the white plate special, i.e. I got a clean plate so I could steal from everyone else. Worked out great, the whiskey pork chops, reindeer sausage, sliced beef, pepper sirloin and steamed halibut (the special of the night) were all great (and just as good this morning heated up for breakfast).

Candy and Bobby went over to watch the game (Penn State at Michigan) over with Mike while Jody is working in the hotel today.

I'm almost recovered from the trip, but my body still isn't quite sure about the sunlight is reconciling with the internal body clock.

My plans for the day are pretty simple. Watch JoePa trounce the Wolvs, get bored by halftime by the blowout and then go for a walk down by the water (we're just a few blocks away from Cook's Inlet).

P.S. Had a riveting conversation with brother-in-law Mike last night. He's been over in Iraq several times supervising various construction projects in Baghdad. With the wonder of Google Maps, he was able to tell us the story of the ambush he survived outside The Green Zone as we followed along looking at the satellite imagery of the road in Baghdad on the border of Sadr City. There was small arms fire, IED's and several hundred Shiite spectators standing on the roofs of their houses to watch the Americans get killed. Was my own little Black Hawk Down story told to me by a family member who was right there in the thick of it. INTENSE.

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