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Way Behind Already

Monday 09/24/2007 4:09 AM

Blogging while traveling is sooo frustrating. There is so much happening and only so much time in the the day.

Bobby and I walked 4 miles around Anchorage yesterday. We did it again today but got dropped off at the inlet, which saved us about a mile. Then tonight I ran intevals the whole way. So that's 11 miles in two days!

We shopped today. Tomorrow we're going hiking.

Your image for this post is of some strange maple-like plant we discovered on the inlet trail. The leaves are about ten inches across, the stalk and stems have thorns and there are red berries growing out of it. Anyone know what this is? I'll post a couple close-up pictures right after this.

Not too long ago there was female to male ratio of three to one in Alaska. They used to put out a t-shirt that read:

The Odds Are Good,
But the Goods Are Odd.

Michigan won? Grrrrr.

Discovered a bizarre bottle of soda with a marble stuck in the top. Tasted pretty good. Thinking bottles of these will make good gifts.

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