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Room 230 at the Top of the World

Thursday 10/04/2007 2:54 AM

Now let me tell you a little bit about our room.

Looking at the picture with this post, you can see the room is a mess. That's our fault. I took this picture the morning of our last day in Barrow.

Starting from the left, you see the door to the bathroom with the sign informing of you of the escalating fines ($50, $150, $300, I believe) if you are caught smoking in the room. These are spot fines, meaning they must be paid immediately the moment you are caught. If you're short the moolah, I guess they throw you in a snowbank. The bathroom has a toilet and a bath/shower. There is a sink outside the bathroom, to the left of the door.

Next you have the two different sized beds. First is a single, second is a double. Comfy enough. No bed bugs. Small dresser with phone and phone book between. Don't forget (like we did) to rummage through the drawers so you can find menus to the local restaurants.

Starting from the right side of the picture, you have one of those fold-out things you put your suitcase on (anyone know what they're called?). Then you have a small refrigerator. No, not stocked, but plenty cold. Then you have the entertainment center with TV (with remote) that actually has CABLE TELEVISION! WOOHOO!

Last you have a small desk and chair in the corner (not visible).

The furniture is nothing to write home about. If I was listing it in a catalog, I'd describe it as utilitarian teak.

Overall, not a lot of room, but it worked for us.

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