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Things to Remember at the Top of the World

Thursday 10/04/2007 2:41 AM

The Top of the World hotel in Barrow, Alaska, isn't your typical hotel. First of all, it is a dry hotel. That's right, no alcohol allowed on the premises, in your bags or in your room.

Second, you'll notice a sign behind the front desk that informs you that no guests are allowed after 10PM. Our two leading theories are that is intended to be an anti-party rule and/or a red light deterrent.

Oh, and they apologize for the inconvenience, but they no longer provide laundry services.

On the plus side, local and toll-free calls are free, and NO HOTEL TAXES! They quoted $190 per night, and after two nights my bill was exactly $380. Never seen that before.

And finally, a minor quibble. Their primary competition, the King Eider Inn, ends their summer rates on September 15th, while the Top of the World keeps the meter going until October 1st. Even though I wanted to support the locally owned and operated Top of the World, this issue ticked me off bad enough that I at least checked for vacancies at the King Eider. No luck, so we stayed. With ultra-close proximity to Pepe's, Osaka and the Arctic Ocean, I have no regrets for our decision.

P.S. Bobby and I never did wander to the end of the hall to climb that short set of stairs. Wonder if there is anything more interesting than just more rooms. Maybe that's where the pool is?

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