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Peter's LOST Theory

Friday 05/30/2008 12:55 AM

Not too long ago LOST theories were a dime a dozen, but it seems with every episode this season a couple more hypotheticals were washed down the drain. With the season finale this evening and some of the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 finally back on terra firma, the funnel has narrowed considerably — only to drop us into another wide open space of possibility with many months ahead to speculate and argue.

I'd be remiss if I didn't tip my hat to the single most compelling theory of the grand scheme of it all, and that is your Link of the Day. You'll be triply impressed to learn that this theory was posted — at the latest — halfway through season four, which is astounding.

My theory makes no attempt to explain the (perhaps/probably?) epochal struggle between Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus or any of the island's many wondrous puzzles.

My theory has to do with Richard Alpert and is to the point:

If Richard Alpert doesn't have four toes on each foot, then I predict he is the first mate of the Black Rock.

Due to the fact he does not age and apparently pre-dates all other characters on the show so far (with the exception of possibly Jacob), I believe that leaves only two options for the role that Richard Alpert plays:

Of course, I suppose there is nothing that keeps both of those options from being true.

I'm off to Pennsylvania Friday afternoon. My nephew Bobby is burying his father's ashes this weekend (Brother Bob would have been 43 years old Sunday). Our return flight touches ground in Tallahassee Monday afternoon at 4:20 PM.

Link of the Day: Lost: A Theory on Time Travel

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