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On Owls

Monday 10/04/2010 12:15 PM

We love the owls in our neighborhood, except for the fact that their ongoing presence is probably a good indication of how many rats are here as well (remember the BFR?).

The biggest owl surprise, though, has been the maniacal sounds they make in the spring and fall. A couple years ago I managed to record what sounds like two owls cackling up in the trees around the house. My best guess is that this is either a wooing sound or it's used to scare off other owls.

There are two different recordings here and I really should have edited out the silence at the end of them. You can clearly hear two different owls in the second recording. While these aren't as dramatic as some of the soliloquies or duets I've heard, you'll get a good idea of the creepy potential of this deranged hooting. Enjoy:

File Under: Just Plain Weird; MP3 to Listen to; Owls; Rats
Music: Various Artists "Bliss"

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