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If Only I Knew Now What I Knew Then

Wednesday 02/28/2007 11:03 AM

Shannon and Alex are a few hours away. They are a little north of Chattanooga, Tennessee at the moment and should be getting here around 1:30.

Your image of the moment (rather than day because I seem to be posting at least twice a day this week — Lucky You!) is a collage of the images I've prepared for the 68-story game of I Spy that I will be challenging Alex with later today. Hopefully it will keep him busy while Shannon gets settled and she and I can chat for a few minutes.

My masseuse from yesterday, Terry, said he would work on Alex on Friday, so I had to check with Alex's mom. Shannon thought it was a good idea, but she wanted to see how Alex felt about it. When she talked to him about it, the conversation in the car last night went something like this:

Shannon: Uncle Peter had a massage yesterday.

Alex: I thought he was in Atlanta!

Shannon: Well, he is in Atlanta. He got a massage at the hotel.

Alex: Can I get a massage?!?

Well, I don't think it's going to be too hard of a sell. Then she explained how it will work. Uncle Peter will get a massage for an hour and Alex will get to watch. Then Alex will get a massage for 30 minutes and Uncle Peter will be in the room the whole time.

Alex was a little nervous and he asked if there was ever going to be a time that Uncle Peter would be up in the hotel room while Alex while getting his massage. Shannon said no because the masseuse insisted that an adult be in there with them.

Alex breathed a sign of relief and told her, "That's good." He paused for a moment and then straightened his back and told her with much authority, "That's good, Mommy, because sometimes after you get a massage your skin is all wiggly and you have trouble standing up."

Oh, to be seven again.

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